The King & Queen Collection is a black-owned faith based company specializing in creating inspirational apparel for men and woman. Our brand serves to empower, uplift and spread God’s love and word.  We all are Kings and Queens of the “Most-High” , we’re bold, beautiful and made in HIS image. When wearing our apparel, we want customers to feel worthy, free, and empowered, radiating love and light into the world. Most of all, we want them to feel God’s love. 


The King & Queen Collection has a shirt, or two, or three for every customer.  Each piece comes with creatively activated quotes that God poured into us to share with the world. We want every person who purchases a shirt to feel the power of the words written and live up to them. We know if you change your words it can change your life. Once a life is changed, it sparks change throughout the world. 


Whether you’re needing encouragement today, or need a boost of confidence,  love or motivation I challenge you to purchase the affirmation quote T-shirt that most resonates with you & watch how you feel motivated and encouraged just by wearing your shirt! Yup! You’ve got this because you are the child of the Most High God!!